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Effective June 1, 2006, Boys must earn the Bobcat Badge before they begin working on the Tiger Cub rank.

Bobcat Requirements

The first rank that EVERY boy MUST earn when entering the Cub Scouting Program is the Bobcat rank.

To earn the Bobcat rank the new Cub Scout must do the following:

  1. Learn and say the CUB SCOUT PROMISE and complete the Honesty Character Connection.
    1. Know: Discuss these questions with your family. What is a promise? What does it mean to "keep your word?" What does honesty mean? What does it mean to "do your best?"
    2. Commit: Discuss these questions with your family. Why is a promise important? Why is it important for people to trust you when you give your word? When might it be difficult to keep your word? List examples.
    3. Practice: Discuss with family members why it is important to be trustworthy and honest and how can you do your best to be honest when you are doing the activities in Cub Scouting.

    "I .....(name).... promise to do my best
    To do my duty to God and my country,
    To help other people, and
    To obey the Law of the Pack. "

  2. Say the LAW OF THE PACK.  Tell what it means.

    "The Cub Scout follows Akela.
    The Cub Scout helps the pack go.
    The pack helps the Cub Scout Grow.
    The Cub Scout gives goodwill."

  3. Tell what WEBELOS means

    "WE'll BE LOyal Scouts "

  4. Show the CUB SCOUT SIGN.  Tell what it means.
    [Webelos: Make the CUB SCOUT SIGN.  Tell what it means.]

Cub Scout Sign JPG

Make the sign with your right hand and with your arm held straight up. The two fingers stand for two parts of the Promise - "to help other people" and "to obey." They look like a wolf's ears ready to listen to Akela. Give the Cub Scout Sign when you say the Cub Scout Promise or the Law of the Pack.

When a Scout or Scouter raises the Scout sign, all Scouts should make the sign, too, and come to silent attention.


     Tell what it means.

Cub Scout handshake JPG

Here's how to shake hands with another Cub Scout. Hold out your right hand just as you always do to shake hands. Put your first two fingers along the inside of the other boy's wrist. This means that you help and that you obey the law of the Pack.

  6. Say the CUB SCOUT MOTTO. A motto is a guiding principle.

"Do Your Best"

  7.Give the CUB SCOUT SALUTE.  Tell what it means.

cub scout salute

A Cub Scout salutes with his right hand by holding his fingers as he does for the Cub Scout Sign. Keep the two fingers next to each other and straight. Touch the tips of the fingers to his cap or if he's not wearing his cap then to his eyebrow. A salute is a way to show respect to your leaders and your country. When you salute a leader, you show him or her that you look up to them, when you salute the flag you show that you are proud of your country.

  8. With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the booklet,
How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse.
[Tiger Cub: With your adult partner, complete the "Bobcat Requirements" section in front of the Contents pages of this handbook.]
[Webelos: With your parent or guardian, complete the Bobcat Requirements section of "How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide"). (The guide is a pull-out section that came in the front of this book.)]

The above items are the basic information that ALL Cub Scouts must learn, which is why EVERY boy who enters into Cub Scouting MUST earn the Bobcat Badge.


The Cub Scouting colors are blue and gold. They have special meaning, which will help boys see beyond the fun of Cub Scouting to its ultimate goals.

  • The blue stands for truth and spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above.
  • The gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheer, and happiness.